It’s going to be a while yet, but eventually this version of State Parks Journey will no longer exist. I’m already in the process of moving it to its new home – one where the rent is free, so to speak.

Probably in May of 2025, if not sooner, will be deleted. You’ll still be able find virtually all the same information at If you want to wander over there now already to see how it’s progressing, go ahead. I won’t stop you.

There will be no new information added at this current address. Anything more I want to say about Wisconsin state parks, Historical Markers, and the like will be posted at the new site. We’re still (re-)visiting state parks and other natural areas, so you can expect updates after I get all the current information transferred to its new home.

UPDATE #1: As of 6/17/24, I have all the parks info transferred to the new site. I’ll be working on the Historical Markers posts next. When those are done, all will be done…or at least as much as I intend to do.

UPDATE #2: Well, that didn’t take long. The Markers are all in place now too, so you might as well head over there to see how it looks. Actually, in some ways, I think it looks better than this site.

Adventures in State Parks

Join us as we explore all the state parks in Wisconsin.

Our Latest Adventures

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Fun Activities

So, what can you do once you arrive at a state park? Activities vary from park to park and from season to season. See what Wisconsin state parks have to offer you in summer and in winter.


Follow us as we make all the state parks of Wisconsin (for now) our destinations. Obviously, each one is unique. Discover what is special about each of them with us.