Cross-country Skiing

Get your skis and poles ready, pack them in the car, and head to these state parks for some cross-country skiing fun this winter.

Interstate Park sign

Interstate State Park

There are some confusing things about the oldest state park in Wisconsin. One is the name. Do you call it “Interstate State Park” or just “Interstate Park”? The DNR site takes the simpler, less redundant route and says, “Interstate Park”. But that doesn’t feel right compared to every other location which ends in the two […]

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Straight Lake State Park

Straight Lake State Park

Straight Lake State Park is one of the newest and least developed parks in Wisconsin. I think one of its main functions is to “protect” a section of the Ice Age Trail. Take a look at the park map below and see if you agree. We parked in the closest (lower?) parking lot to the

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Wildcat Mountain State Park sign

Wildcat Mountain State Park

Wildcat Mountain State Park has lots of trails. Most of them are intended for horses; that is, horseback riding. You can hike on them too, but many are long and stray far from the main road. We kept it simple on our first visit. We hiked the Starlight Trail loop (1.4 miles) that follows the

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Governor Thompson State Park sign

Governor Thompson State Park

Based on the (current) satellite shots of Governor Thompson State Park, I was kind of expecting a rather barren wasteland to hike through. It was anything but. While there isn’t a whole lot to see, other than green and mushrooms, the park is (currently) quite lush. We took the Whippoorwill Trail on this our first

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Copper Falls State Park sign

Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls State Park is much closer to Ashland than I thought. Of course, that’s only relevant if you live or are staying in Ashland…which we were. It’s roughly half an hour south of Ashland, just north of Mellen. I was expecting a much rougher hike than the one we experienced. Just look at this

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Pattison State Park sign

Pattison State Park

This article chronicles our second visit to Pattison State Park. We visited it almost two years to the day after our first hike here. I didn’t “count” that first visit as part of the completion of our goal of hiking in all the Wisconsin state parks because I hadn’t conceived the idea at the time.

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Big Bay State Park sign

Big Bay State Park

Big Bay State Park is one of only two Wisconsin state parks that is not on the mainland. Rock Island State Park is the other. Rock Island is in Lake Michigan; Big Bay is in Lake Superior. So, to get to Big Bay, you must take a ride on a ferry. You’ll most likely want

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High Cliff State Park sign

High Cliff State Park

Ah, the Niagara Escarpment! If you visit Door County and take any sort of tour or hike there, for example, in Peninsula State Park, you’re sure to hear or read about it. But what exactly is it? It’s a High Cliff. And thus, the name of High Cliff State Park, a park which sits right

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Whitefish Dunes State Park sign

Whitefish Dunes State Park

This is the account of our third visit to a state park during our week-long stay in Door County, June 4 through June 9, 2023. 1) Rock Island2) Peninsula3) Whitefish Dunes4) Newport Whitefish. What is whitefish? It’s what they use in a Door County fish boil. But what kind of fish is it exactly? And

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Peninsula State Park sign

Peninsula State Park

This is the account of our second visit to a state park during our week-long stay in Door County, June 4 through June 9, 2023. 1) Rock Island2) Peninsula3) Whitefish Dunes4) Newport Peninsula State Park, along with Devil’s Lake and Willow River, is one of the most popular parks in Wisconsin. I think that being

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