Hiking is available in virtually every state park. Check the trail lengths and difficulty before you start your trek.

Rib Mountain State Park

Rib Mountain State Park

There is no official definition of a mountain. So, if the people of Wisconsin want to call one of the highest points in the state a mountain, we can. Rib Mountain’s highest elevation is 1942 feet above sea level, but it only rises about 740 feet above the surrounding land. This makes the approach to […]

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Brunet Island State Park

Brunet Island State Park

Brunet Island State Park is mostly located on an island in the Chippewa River. The entrance to the park is on the eastern shore of the river. The park there is adjacent to the small city of Cornell. When you cross a narrow section of the river to get onto the island, you don’t feel

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Roche-a-Cri Welcome sign

Roche-a-Cri State Park

roh-SHAY-ah-KREE STAYT PAHRK. That’s my best guess at how to pronounce Roche-a-Cri State Park. I’ve never heard anyone, who is certain of its pronunciation, speak it aloud. If you know better, have at it. Roche-a-Cri is a “big ol’ rock”, as one of my friends has phrased it. If you intend to visit Roche-a-Cri, it

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Buckhorn State Park sign

Buckhorn State Park

Getting to Buckhorn State Park isn’t all that difficult, if you follow the signs. The right signs. Beware County Highway G Now, I know that many of you will use the GPS in your personal device to get to Buckhorn State Park, but I’m not all that fond of such tech. So I don’t normally

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Kohler-Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae State Park is (currently) the only state park in Wisconsin to give you two parks for the price of one. The Terry Andrae (southern) section of the park was formed in 1928. The John Michael Kohler (of Kohler Company fame) section to the north was added in 1966. Supposedly these are still two distinct

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Harrington Beach State Park

Harrington Beach State Park

I think Harrington Beach State Park is the first state park that I’ve visited more than once. Not that I wouldn’t have gone there again, but the main reason I went a second time is that I lost (or, at least, can’t find) the pictures I took there the first time. Yeah, shame on me.

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Aztalan State Park sign

Aztalan State Park

Aztalan State Park is right up there with Lake Kegonsa and Roche-a-Cri when it comes to names that are difficult to pronounce correctly. Located just east of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, this park is also among those that are difficult to find (for the unprepared), despite some signage along a major interstate (I-94). How to Get

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Yellowstone Lake State Park north entrance sign

Yellowstone Lake State Park

About 75 years ago, folks got together and decided to put a manmade lake out in the middle of nowhere in southwestern Wisconsin. Thus, Yellowstone Lake and related state park were born. Yellowstone Lake State Park lies about halfway between Madison, Wisconsin, and Dubuque, Iowa. It’s also roughly equidistant from Platteville, Wisconsin, and Monroe, Wisconsin.

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