Lake Kegonsa

The articles below tell you about Wisconsin’s Lake Kegonsa State Park.

Northwest Lake Kegonsa SP – The White Oak Trail

Here begins our second journey through the Wisconsin State Park system. We took two “summers” (i.e., consecutive groups of non-snowy months) to visit all of the parks the first time around. I don’t expect that we’ll visit every Wisconsin state park again because there were some that just aren’t worth a second tour. We’re starting […]

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Lake Kegonsa State Park

Lake Kegonsa State Park

We didn’t spend a lot of time at Lake Kegonsa State Park on this our first visit. It was our second park of the day, after Governor Nelson State Park, and we were getting tired. What little we did see was interesting though. We hiked the short Oak Knoll Trail loop, and I got to

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