Even though no one may check on you, you legally need a vehicle sticker to enjoy these state parks.

Aztalan State Park sign

Aztalan State Park

Aztalan State Park is right up there with Lake Kegonsa and Roche-a-Cri when it comes to names that are difficult to pronounce correctly. Located just east of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, this park is also among those that are difficult to find (for the unprepared), despite some signage along a major interstate (I-94). How to Get […]

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Yellowstone Lake State Park north entrance sign

Yellowstone Lake State Park

About 75 years ago, folks got together and decided to put a manmade lake out in the middle of nowhere in southwestern Wisconsin. Thus, Yellowstone Lake and related state park were born. Yellowstone Lake State Park lies about halfway between Madison, Wisconsin, and Dubuque, Iowa. It’s also roughly equidistant from Platteville, Wisconsin, and Monroe, Wisconsin.

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