Historical Marker 172 – Point of Beginning

Sorry, I didn’t get a closeup of this marker, so here’s what it says. I highlighted the last sentence because it’s the most important and because it’s cool.

Late in 1831, when Wisconsin was still in Michigan Territory, Lucius Lyon, U. S. Commissioner on the survey of the northern boundary of the State of Illinois, set a post and erected a mound of earth 6 feet square at the base and 6 feet high, at a point 1/2 mile east of here to mark the intersection of that boundary and the 4th Principal Meridian. The Wisconsin public land surveys were begun here in 1832 and were completed “up north” in 1867. Lyon surveyed 16 townships in S. W. Wisconsin in 1832-33, which opened this Territory for settlement. In 1833 Michigan Territory honored this veteran surveyor by electing him their Delegate to Congress. The post and mound he erected at this point were obliterated by fence and power line construction long ago, but the point is now preserved by a new concrete surveyor’s monument. Every section corner monument in the state; the boundaries of each county, city, village, township, farm and lot; the position of roads, lakes and streams, all were surveyed and mapped from this Point of Beginning.

The Point of Beginning
The Point of Beginning

I did get closer pics of the plaques on the sides.

Lead Fever
Creating a Patchwork Quilt

And here’s the location of the survey marker itself. From the marker above, you have to drive about half a mile down a heavily-rutted, mostly-dirt, one-way road until you see these sign posts.

Survey marker warning posts

Buried in the tall grass next to these posts is the marker.

The real point of beginning