Historical Marker 263 – Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry

Just south of Denmark along I-43 is Rest Area #51 that you can only get to when traveling one direction (as is true for most rest areas along interstate highways). In this case, the direction is south. In 1980, Historic Marker #263 was erected here to help inform you about Wisconsin’s dairy industry.

I’m just a bit saddened that we no longer make use of the “general purpose cow”.

Wisconsin Historic Marker 263 – Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry

Here is a portion of the rest area’s building. You can see the marker just to the right.

The yellow paint on the pavement is there to warn you of its unevenness. There’s even a (permanent?) sign off to the left that alerts you to this problem.

Instead of posting such a sign, wouldn’t it make more sense to fix the pavement? I wonder how long it’s been in this condition.

Rest Area #52 is across the way and may be identical in construction to #51.