Historical Marker 314 – Iron Mining in Wisconsin

I’d never been to Hurley. Just no need to go there, I guess. Not that it’s close by, ye ken. But in just one stop at the local wayside / DMV, I learned all sorts of interesting things about the area.

First, there’s this historical marker about Iron Mining in Wisconsin. I think the “in Wisconsin” bit was added because Hurley in on the Upper Michigan border.

Historical Marker 314 - Iron Mining in Wisconssin

At the same wayside, is the following display. It’s hard to read, I know, but it tells about the Cary (iron) mine that once existed and how the clock was ticking, so to speak, on iron mining in general. Those are actual granite cores from a mine in the background.

Cary Mine plaques
Sundial and granite cores

Inside the building was this fine fellow. The reflection make it hard to see, but he’s a miner.


Just behind him by the door is a rack of these cards.

Rest area satisfied card

I’d never been asked before. Thank you, Rest Area 103 in Hurley.