Historical Marker 537 – St. Hedwig’s / Poznan Colony

Just north of Wisconsin State Highway 29 and a few miles east of Thorp is Historical Marker 537, dedicated to St. Hedwig’s (church) and the Poznan Colony.

Historical Marker 537 - Poznan Colony
Historical Marker 537 - St. Hedwig's

St. Hedwig’s is no longer used as a place of worship. It is being converted (or maybe has been by the time you read this) into a music studio. In its heyday, it was the largest church east of the Mississippi.

St. Hedwig's church and bell tower

Inside the base of the bell tower is this plaque.

Bell tower plaque

There is a cemetery just to the north.

St. Hedwig's cemetery

The approach to the building used to be quite basic, but now it’s rather elaborate.

St. Hedwig's approach
St. Hedwig's porch

Across the road to the east is this monster tower.

Communication tower across from St. Hedwig's