Natural Bridge State Park

We visited Natural Bridge State Park on the same day that we tackled Devil’s Lake State Park. The Differences between the two are vast. While Natural Bridge isn’t the smallest state park in Wisconsin (530 acres), it feels tiny compared to Devil’s Lake which is the largest (10,200 acres).

Devil’s Lake, even on a coolish day in April, was fairly busy. At Natural Bridge, there were only two other cars in the parking lot when we arrived. One of them was gone by the time we returned.

Another noticeable difference is the noise level. As I noticed at Blue Mound, it was really, really quiet there. At first, there weren’t even any nature sounds – birds, insects, etc. It was a very welcome peacefulness.

Finding the Natural Bridge

There aren’t many trail guides at Natural Bridge, but they’re not really needed. From the parking lot, you can see the start of one trail across a mown area.

Follow that trail and take a right turn when you have the option, and you’ll be led to the Natural Bridge very quickly. If the picture below looks familiar, it’s because it’s pretty much the only shot you can take of it from the path, and there’s really no where else to get a decent shot from.

You can’t (or at least, you’re not supposed to) get very close or on top of the bridge itself. I have the feeling that many have tried and succeeded.

This sign warns you to keep off the bridge. I think it wouldn’t be needed if people didn’t try to climb onto it.

Sort of beneath the bridge is a feature they call the Rockshelter (one word). You’re not supposed to duck under there either.

There are about 4 miles of trails all together at Natural Bridge. Since this was our second park of the day, we just took a peek at the bridge and called it quits. We even skipped the scenic overlook which was on a trail spur. It might not have been all that scenic at this time of year anyway. (Sour grapes? Maybe.)


Nearest City

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin (14 miles)

Nearest Emergency Facility

Baraboo, Wisconsin (20 miles)


6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, year-round


Vehicle admission sticker required

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