Wisconsin Historical Markers

Brussels Cemetery Grotto - Marker 592
The Brussels Cemetery Grotto (592)

It’s true that there is no direct connection between Wisconsin State Parks and Wisconsin Historical Markers. The only commonality is that I’d like to visit all of them – both the parks and the markers.

And so here is where you will find links to brief descriptions and some photos of the Historical Markers that I’ve visited (if that’s the proper word). There isn’t often much to say about a marker, other than what the marker itself says.

If you want more details and pictures of them, I highly recommend you visit the Historical Markers Database (HMdb). You’ll find much more information there about markers of all sorts from all over the country. If you want to see just the official Wisconsin markers, you’ll find them on this page.

Below is a list of the markers I’ve seen – or, in the cases of missing markers, the locations where they should have been. They’re obviously in numerical order, which is not the order in which I visited them.