Wisconsin State Park Activities

I admit that the distinctions between the seasons – summer and winter – in the lists below is somewhat arbitrary. There are four seasons recognized in Wisconsin – spring, summer, fall, and winter. But I’m including most of spring and fall in the summer season here because, if you really want to go to a state park in what is technically spring or fall, you’re not likely to find any snow or ice (or at least, not enough of it) to do any of the activities listed in the winter column – other than hiking which is included in both lists.

The number of activities may grow as we visit more parks, but I think that increase will eventually come to an end. There’s a limit to what you can do in a state park, unless or until someone invents some new sport or other fun activity that lends itself to being done in a park.

Clicking an activity in a list will take you to a list of articles for parks that allow that activity. From there you’ll be able to determine a) which park to go to for the given activity or b) whether you can do the activity in the park you had previously intended to visit.